Have customers tell you
how they heard about you

With our Free Earpiece app, you'll get almost all of first-time
customers telling you how they discovered your brand.

How It Works

  • Add our free app
  • Paste two lines of code into your checkout.liquid template
  • Add your marketing channels in the app admin to go live!
  • Earpiece will show first-time customers a dropdown containing a randomly ordered list of your marketing channels right before they submit an order.
  • Your customers choices will be shown in our app admin and the data can also be downloaded

How Earpiece Helps

  • Understanding the impact of your offline and social media efforts on new customer acquisition is notoriously difficult to do.
  • The best data is often from your customers, so why not ask them?
  • Onsite survey tools will only collect responses from 5% to 10% of your customers.
  • Earpiece solves this issue by injecting an optional question right before a first-time customer submits an order. As a result, the vast majority of your first-time customers will answer!


  • Is this free?

    Yes. There is no charge for using the Earpiece app. If you would like to have your very own installation of Earpiece, with code included, please email us at support@earpieceapp.com for pricing. We will be happy to set it up for you.
  • Why will this only run on Shopify Plus stores?

    For Earpiece to run, you need to paste two lines of code into your checkout.liquid file. Only Shopify Plus stores have access to this file.
  • Will this impact conversion on my site?

    No. Our code loads asyncronously, so if there is any issue with the app, it will not impact the orders occuring on your site.
  • Is Earpiece safe to use?

    Yes. Our dropdown question is served through an iframe and loaded through an asynchronous script. Our code cannot impact your checkout in any way.
  • How will the dropdown be styled in my checkout?

    Earpiece automatically reads the font styling in your checkout and applies the same style to the dropdown question.
  • Why can't I see the dropdown in my checkout?

    If the dropdown is not showing, it's for one of two reasons: 1) The email address for the customer checking out is a repeat customer 2) There are less than three marketing channels set up in the app admin.